Cameras, Cameras, Everywhere And All The Boards Did Think

The Grays Harbor Transit Authority discussed security measures this week. Board member, and County Commissioner Mike Wilson said “Rick Scott [had a vendor] show him how their program works. So they took him to one of the malls and said ‘pick a car out, out there’ so Scott said he picked a car way off in the distance and they were able to zoom all the way in to the license plate.”
Commissioner Terry Willis said the county has seen quotes averaging $3,000 per camera, depending on features.


Cosmopolis just turned on the new security camera in their municipal court, and will have a bailif beginning today. Mayor Vickie Raines tells us cameras are at the Cosi court and police station, and have been ordered for city hall, Mill Creek and Lions Club Park.

Aberdeen Mayor Bill Simpson said his staff has been meeting frequently to determine their security needs.

Hoquiam demonstrated their new camera system to council on Monday night in the Municipal court. Mayor Durney said the city has 8 or 9 cameras throughout the city, and hopes to replace the system at their police station soon.