Mason County Assault Victim Dies

When the victim arrived at the public fishing access, he exited his car with cash in hand.  He went over to the Baze vehicle to conduct the transaction.  As the victim talked to Baze, Churchill exited an outdoor toilet and approached the victim from behind.  Churchill is alleged to have struck the victim in the head at least twice with a metal baseball bat, critically injuring him and knocking him to the ground.  Churchill retrieved the $45.00 in cash from the victim then Churchill and Baze left the scene.


Investigators say the victim was able to make his way to his vehicle and drive himself across the street to the Bayshore Grocery where he was discovered by passers-by who called law enforcement. 

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Investigators located Baze and Churchill at a residence in Lake Limerick where they were arrested.   Both Churchill and Baze have made a court appearance.