Timberland Comments on Director Dismissal

The Timberland Regional Library (TRL) Board of Trustees voted unanimously last night to terminate the employment of Library Director Michael Crose following an executive session at the Vernetta Smith Chehalis Timberland Library.

CHEHALIS, Wash. – The Board of Trustees at a prior meeting requested the library district’s attorney and TRL staff conduct an investigation into multiple allegations of misconduct by Crose. Findings from the investigation included violations by Crose of the TRL staff code of ethics policy and the employee use of TRL equipment policy.

Pacific County Trustee Bob Hall motioned that the employment of Michael Crose by the Timberland Regional Library District be terminated effective March 28, 2012. Lewis County Trustee Edna Fund seconded the motion.

A video recording of the meeting is available on the TRL website at www.trl.org/About/Pages/AVCaptureAll.aspx. The motion announcing the board’s decision to terminate Mr. Crose is found at one hour, 56 minutes into the meeting.

The Library Board asked TRL Information Technology Manager Gwen Culp to continue as Acting Director, which Culp agreed to do. The Library Board directed staff to present options related to recruiting a new Library Director. The Library Board may decide to hold a special meeting in April related to the recruitment process.

All questions pertaining to this action should be directed to a TRL Board Trustee. Contact information for all trustees is also on the TRL website at www.trl.org/About/Pages/BoardTrustees.aspx.