Bail Set at $750,000 for Alleged Courthouse Assailant

MONTESANO, Wash. – The preliminary hearing for Steven Daniel Kravetz, the man suspected of attacking a judge and a sheriff’s deputy in the Grays Harbor County Courthouse on Friday, also served as a follow up hearing to a 2009 Failure to Appear charge, stemming further from a domestic violence charge that remains pending a hearing. 

Kravetz accepted a court appointed lawyer while he “looked for his own” to face 2 counts of 1st Degree Assault charges, the assault suspect sat surrounded by Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Deputy’s this afternoon.

Bail for Kravetz was set at $750,000 for the charges, as well as another $2,000 each for two previous court cases from Grays Harbor County.  Lewis County Judge R.W. Buzzard also ordered that Kravetz have no contact with Deputy Polly Davin, Judge David Edwards, and his own mother Roberta Dougherty.

Investigators believe that Kravetz walked to his former laywers office in downtown Montesano Friday afternoon and called his mother for a ride home, about 1 hour after assaulting Deputy Polly Davin, and Judge David Edwards in the historical county courthouse.