Alleged Courthouse Attacker Returns to Courtroom Today

MONTESANO, Wash. – The man suspected of attacking a judge and a sheriff’s deputy in the Grays Harbor County Courthouse on Friday will return later today, in custody, for his first day in court to face 2 counts of 1st Degree Assault charges. Grays Harbor County Undersheriff Rick Scott tells us along with transporting Steven Daniel Kravetz from his Mason County cell to Montesano today, the sheriff’s department is also meeting with county Commissioners and court employees to discuss courthouse security.
Since 34 year old Kravetz was arrested at his mother’s Olympia home Saturday, the attention has shifted to missing security measures that some say would have afforded a quicker apprehension of Kravetz.
Investigators believe that Kravetz walked to his former laywers office in downtown Montesano Friday afternoon and called his mother for a ride home. Kravetz is currently held on investigation of felony assault charges stemming from Friday’s investigation.
Judge David Edwards is being called a hero for his intervention in the attack on Deputy Polly Davin, both were in satisfactory condition Friday evening. Davin was stabbed and later shot with her own handgun when she confronted a suspicious person in the county courthouse around noon Friday, Edwards was also stabbed when he intervened. The deputy’s handgun was recovered at the suspect’s mother’s house Saturday.