County, LakeSide Industries, Receive National Award for 13 Corners

MONTESANO, Wash. – Lakeside Industries and Grays Harbor County have received a national award for their work on 13 corners, County Engineer Russ Esses explained at this week’s commissioners meeting “It’s presented to Grays Harbor County, and Lakeside. I want to also acknowledge our design people, Fred Becker the Assistant County Engineer, Rob Wilson Project Engineer. It really was a team effort.”
Even though the project hit delays with weather last summer, Esses said overall “I’m thinking a lot of things went right on this. We had the right structure section. Lakeside had the proper crew, they took extra time to do this right. They could have paved in less time, but they allowed more days so that when they put a lip down they let the asphalt cool so that the trucks didn’t run over fresh asphalt and rut it up.” 

…a lot of things about this job went right. – Russ Esses

The National Asphalt Pavement Association recognized the duo for the quality of the newly paved 1 mile section of roadway that replaced a winding gravel road section of the Wynoochee Wishkah road.