Lawsuit Challenges Air Pollution Standards as Weak, Outdated

“That’s my sense, that we’re moving into campaign season and there is an interest in being very careful about starting any of these rulemakings that are going to draw a lot of reaction.”

This type of air pollution comes from a number of sources, including heavy industry, diesel trucks and other vehicles. Just this week, Cort says, a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine found a “strong association” between exposure to fine-particle pollution and strokes.

“These are very tiny particles that are able not only to get deep down into the lungs but then to actually penetrate through the lungs into the bloodstream, where they cause all kinds of other health impacts.”

The EPA issued its last National Ambient Air Quality rules in 2006, but a court found them to be inadequate in 2009. The lawsuit asks that the EPA complete its review and suggest updates by this October.

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