Aberdeen Joins in Opposition to “Tax Simplification”

ABERDEEN, Wash. – The city council this week adopted a resolution in opposition to the state’s proposed Tax Simplification. Aberdeen Mayor Bill Simpson said prior to the vote “They want to take our money, and give us back what we think we should get, we want to keep our money where it is.”
Aberdeen joins Westport, openly opposing the idea to take reporting and collecting Business and Occupation taxes out of the city’s jurisdictions.
The State Department of Revenue said in an executive summary that the complexities of B&O taxing put an unnecessary burden on small business and cities. A complexity that Westport City Administrator Randy Lewis said they could loose if the state takes over B&O “The state over time has chosen to exempt different categories of businesses. Fish processing is exempt at the state level, if you exempt our fish processors it would be a significant hit to our revenues.”
The Department of Revenue suggests centralizing administration of state and local B&O tax reporting as is done with sales tax reporting today. 
Hoquiam Mayor Jack Durney spoke out against the idea at last month’s council meeting.