Hoquiam Farmer’s Market News – Valentine’s Day Edition

Tickets cost $10.00, which is a great bargain, as a tasters buffet is included in the ticket price!
If you have not yet submitted your Best of Twin Harbors ballot, please please please do so today! Deidra’s Deli and Nancy’s Bakery were winners last year, and we hope to defend our titles again this year. If you use the 2 page form in your Daily World, be sure to fill out 25% of the categories or it won’t be valid. The online form makes it super easy; http://bestof.thedailyworld.com/engine/Welcome.aspx?contestid=46608
I decided to cater to you last minute Valentine’s Day shoppers ( you know who you are!) And open the market on Tuesday from 11 until 5:30. We have the world’s finest handmade truffles, in 10 flavors. These truffles are made using only the finest ingredients; organic Fair Trade Chocolate, organic sugar, and absolutely NO hydrogenated oils. They’re so tasty they’ll make you weep. Just think how your sweetie will react! They come as singles or packaged in pretty boxes. Oh, and we have flowers! Jasmine Topiary plants, Azalea Topiary plants, Hydrangeas, potted tulips, cyclamen, mini-calla lillies, primrose pots, spring planter pots, and single long stem roses for you die-hard classicists. Nancy is making dainty little heart shaped cookies, and for your favorite feline, we have catnip mice. Our canine friends adore the homemade doggie biscuits made by Grandma Pat.
There was a time when there were no cats in my household. I’d always had dogs, and loved them deeply. Cats were a complete mystery to me. Still are in some ways! I honestly did not know that cats could have such unique personalities- I also did not realize that I would become so ridiculously smitten by them. Is there a 12 step group for cat owners? ‘My name is Barbara, and I am a slave to my cats.’ We’d end up enabling our addiction, sharing new ways to try to win over the fickle felines.
One thing I cannot understand is paying money for a purebred cat! My first cat came from a litter in my friends neighbors barn. Since then, a steady flow of cats have shown up on the doorstep. Not once in thirty five years have I thought to myself ‘ gosh, I need to buy a cat ’ . No, they find us. In the inscrutable way of cats, they are the decision makers. We currently have two Princess cats. The elder, Sarah May, is now 14 years old and Little Peeper is a sprightly seven and not so little any more. We have discovered, the hard way, that our girls are fine with male cats visiting to pay homage to their magnificent beauty, but woe betide any female cat who has the audacity to think she can weasel her pretty face into the house. No, our cats are of the opinion that there is only so much room in the universe for cats, and no new hussy is going to horn in on their territory. Actually, I completely understand their attitude. Any woman would.
One of my frustrations in my desire to create the perfect world for our cats, is that Little Peeper has only two brain cells. One brain cell quickly figured out food, and the other one imprinted on play. Being a tiny brain cell, play meant Toy. In Little Peepers world there only is, only was, only ever shall be, one Toy. It started out as a fluffy blue feather on a string attached to a stick. It can no longer be identified as a feather except in Little Peepers single brain cell. We’ve mended this atrocity, tried in vain to replace it, wooed her with countless other kitty toys- all to no avail. This is Perfect Love. Day in, day out, she sits at the base of the bookcase peering upward toward Toy’s resting place. We can’t even speak the word out loud, we have to spell it out in whispers. I have discovered that the only way to distract her is to sing. Better yet, play the piano and sing. She doesn’t seem to have a preference- Irish ballads, down & dirty Blues, hymns, folk songs- she sits in rapt attention, purring. My ego would be huge except for the fact that Sarah May detests my singing. She used to try to stop me from playing the piano, placing a paw over my hand, then reaching up to my mouth, attempting to silence the painful noise. Now she runs upstairs and hides under the bed. So much for my dreams of becoming the next American Idol sensation!
Yes, I do love my cats, and they know it. Love comes in an infinite variety of forms. It’s a renewable resource, a natural commodity as ancient and deep as the earth itself. Love does not come in pre-packaged amounts, does not have a ‘use by’ or expiration date. Love does not need to be spoken, but it’s nice when it is. Love can be lavished upon every living thing without ever running out. Love can be a kitty curled up close, a childs’ face suffused with joy, the tender touch of a lovers hand. Love, in any form, makes us better people. Love could save the world.
Valentine’s Day isn’t merely about romantic love- it isn’t that shallow. Maybe I should try once more to find a replacement of the Toy for Little Peeper. Maybe not. Perfect Love may come again, but is impossible to replace. Perhaps a catnip mouse for her, and truffles for Joe. Sarah May just wants tuna. Luckily for me, I can do all of my Valentine’s Day shopping at the Hoquiam Farmers Market.
Barbara Bennett Parsons, manager of the Hoquiam Farmers Market and Deidra’s Deli 538-9747
1958 Riverside , market is closed on Monday, but Deidra’s Deli is open 7 days a week.