State Parks Commission Considers Transfer of Fort Worden

The resolution to be considered by the Commission includes a provision to give the public ample opportunity to learn about and express their views regarding the potential transfer of Fort Worden State Park to the PDA. A transfer would happen only with the condition that Fort Worden be managed as a park and available to the public. If that failed to happen, it would revert back to the State. 

Consideration of the Fort Worden transfer is the latest in a long series of discussions about long-range planning for the park. A formal long-range planning process for Fort Worden State Park began in 2004, and subsequently, a group of citizens and potential park partners organized as a public development authority. Since 2004, the Commission has adopted a vision and mission statement for Fort Worden State Park, approved a roadmap and assumptions to guide long-range planning, adopted land classifications, a long-term boundary and park use and development principles. The planning process, supported with public and private funds, resulted in 2008 Commission adoption of a long-range plan to transform the park into a Lifelong Learning Center.

The Lifelong Learning Center concept is envisioned to provide outdoor space for recreational and educational opportunities and to house a variety of tenants and groups that would offer programs and classes on a variety of subjects, including performing and visual arts, environmental and natural resources, healt and wellness, historic preservation, cultural history and more.


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