The Good Kind of Traffic

ABERDEEN, Wash. – A traffic jam at the port, but Executive Director Gary Nelson welcomes increased vehicle exports from The Pasha Group “I think the first year, 2010, we did about 20,000 [auto exports]. Last year was close to 40,000 and this year I think it’s going to be close to 70,000. So it’s pretty awesome growth.”
Nelson said more parking space wouldn’t hurt “When we had all those storms last week, there was supposed to be a car ship coming in but it got stuck on the Columbia river because it couldn’t get out. But the cars kept coming in by rail, so we were just plugged over there with cars, they were parked everywhere.”
Grays Harbor sits atop West Coast ports, handling about 25-%30 of all auto exports destined for China and Pacific Rim markets. Partnering with The Pasha Group, an international transportation logistics company handling all types of cargoes, Grays Harbor has emerged as a leading export port for autos, over-high and over wide equipment and other Ro Ro cargoes.