Governor Gregoire, Commissioner Goldmark Applaud USDA Forest Action

“Without the support of Senators Murray and Cantwell, and Representatives Dicks and McMorris Rodgers, this would not have been possible,” said Goldmark.

Considered a high priority project, the Colville National Forest will receive funding for the first time, in the amount of $968,000 according to USDA. The Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest was selected for funding in 2011, and today, Vilsack announced the project’s continued funding for another year.

The environmental community and the forest industry, once adversaries, came together eight years ago on the Colville National Forest to resolve their differences. The group, called the Northeast Washington Forestry Coalition, has advanced a shared goal of environmental protection alongside economic prosperity and sustainable forestry. The Coalition is comprised of member groups such as Conservation Northwest, The Lands Council, Vaagen Brothers Lumber, and Avista Utilities, among many others.

Webpage with letters of support for proposal from: Governor Gregoire/ Goldmark; State of Washington Congressional Delegation; State of Washington Representatives.