Miller Junior High Boots iOS (x500)

ABERDEEN, Wash. – The apple on the teacher’s desk got a lot bigger today at Miller Junior High School in Aberdeen, as teacher’s initiated a 1-to-1 iPad program. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn said after the assembly “This is a game changer for kids, it’s bringing everything into the 21st century matching up with a 21st century education. This is an example not only for the state, but for the nation.”
Representatives from Apple Inc. were shown around the polished product after the assembly, West Area Strategic Affairs Leader Renee Sinclair said “I’m really excited that we’re doing this here in Aberdeen, I think this is a great community to be at the leading edge of classroom technology.”
Within view of Miller is Steven’s Elementary, where Principal Kathleen Werner gave Dorn and Apple Inc the grand tour of her school’s STEM program. “It’s a paradigm shift that hast to happen for kids. We Want to keep school sometimes the way we went to school, these guys have a different future than we do.”
Miller Bobkittens, and Steven’s Huskies both check their iPads out every morning, and turn them into their last classroom each day. More details tomorrow morning, after a recharge, now where did that cord go?

The iMiller Team 

    1. Dr. Tom Opstad, Superintendent
    2. Judy Holliday, Director of Teaching and Learning
    3. David Herrington, Business Manager
    4. Mike Williams, Technology Director
    5. Mark Decker, Principal
    6. Arnie Lewis, Assistant Principal
    7. Gail Arnold, Librarian
    8. Holly Furth, Language Arts Teacher
    9. Mike Keely, Math Teacher
    10. Sally Holt, Science Teacher
    11. Barbara Good Science Teacher and Co-Facilitator
    12. Mary Pier, Art Teacher
    13. Eric Williamson, Science Teacher
    14. Ruth Kuhnau, Math Teacher
    15. Cathy Trusty, Counselor
    16. Adam Johnson, Technology-IOS 5 Specialist
    17. Brian McGregor, Parent
    18. Renee Quinn, iMiller Project Recorder
    19. Jim Sawin, Principal and District Title 1 Coordinator
    20. Dana Zora, Stevens Teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator