Mother and Daughter Assault Officers Trying to Break up Their Fight

OCEAN SHORES, Wash. – A mother and daughter were arrested overnight after two Ocean Shores police officers found the pair fighting in a home on Magellan Avenue around 8:30 last night. Chief of Public Safety Mike Styner tells us when one officer tried to take the 24 year old daughter into custody, the 42 year old mother intervened and the three of them fell to the ground.
While Officer Paul Henderson tried to handcuff the daughter, the mother placed a leg lock around Henderson’s neck and began choking off his airway. Henderson released his hold on the daughter, who got up and kicked him in the head then ran as another officer arrived. Officer Shaune Beebe located the daughter about a half block away and was bitten several times on the arm while taking her into custody. Styner tells us both Ocean Shores officers were transported to Grays Harbor Community Hospital for treatment. Both females were booked into Grays Harbor County Jail for Assault 3rd Degree against the police officers. Other charges may be added. Police say the women had been drinking.