Hoquiam Police Investigate Stabbing

HOQUIAM, Wash. – Police in Aberdeen were called to Les Schwab just after 11:00 today to investigate an apparent stabbing victim. Hoquiam Deputy Chief Don Wertanen tells us the victim was not forthcoming with information other than that he had been stabbed somewhere in Hoquiam.
When Wertanen found an apartment manager cleaning blood stained glass out of a room in the Snore & Whisker on Simpson Avenue, officers secured their crime scene around 2 today.
“I said what happened, and he says ‘there was a lot of blood in here’ so I told him to stop.”
Wertanen tells us the victim had been staying in the room with a 60 year old Aberdeen resident who officers would like to talk with. The victim was transported to community hospital with an apparent stab wound, the investigation continues.