A Message From The Grays Harbor County EMS

Thank you, Grays Harbor County. Your patience, understanding, and cooperation during the winter storm last week, helped to reduce the impact the storm had upon our county.

Kudos to the Grays Harbor County road crews, the city and tribal public works departments, and WSDOT road crews, who tirelessly worked to clear roads of snow, ice and trees while facing the wrath of the weather. Our appreciation goes out to the Grays Harbor PUD who worked feverishly, enduring treacherous conditions, to restore power all over the county. Their services were crucial during two days of severe snow and ice.

Thank you to our local and regional news media and radio stations, who did a terrific job relaying the most current weather and road conditions to our citizens. This storm presented a significant impact upon the radio stations yet they continued to broadcast the necessary messages to keep us all informed.

Heartfelt appreciation goes out to the many ESSENTIAL personnel who endure the storms to provide critical services to our citizens. Thanks to our E911 call takers and dispatchers, our ambulance services, law enforcement and fire personnel, and to the people who man the local emergency operation centers throughout the county.

Grays Harbor County Emergency Management takes pride in the amount of communication and cooperation we have received from our citizens, cities, tribes and response agencies. Your assistance continues to strengthen emergency management efforts throughout the county. Again, great job and thank you to everyone.


Charles T Wallace
Deputy Director of Emergency Management
Grays Harbor County
(360) 249-3911 x 290
[email protected]