Aberdeen School Catching Apple’s Eye

ABERDEEN, Wash. – With its most recent announcement Apple hopes to redefine the textbook with their iBooks 2, and Aberdeen School District is on the leading edge of that technology. School Superintendent Tom Opstad said at this week’s school board meeting “The amount of information you can store on a device, versus having stacks of textbooks, it’s really going to help in terms of the amount of weight students carry around. Students can find things in a very short period of time, [and] answer questions, it’s really going to be a dynamic change in the classroom.”
Mark Decker, Miller Junior High Principal, formed the “iMiller” team he says their 1-1 iPad program is getting attention from Apple “In most schools, the kids check them out at the beginning of class, and return them at the end of class. So I think one of the things that’s catching Apple’s eye about this is it’s truly a one-to-one program.”
Miller teachers will hand out 500 iPads at a special assembly on February 1st. Opstad said the district is also looking at application development for the Career and Technical Education Department.