Winter Storm Continues to Impact the County

The County is under a Winter Storm Warning today. Grays Harbor County Emergency Management will continue to monitor the weather and remain in contact with the National Weather Service to provide you with the most up to date local forecast information.

All areas have seen significant snowfall. Once the snow ends, please send your totals to [email protected]

Snowfall amounts have been reported between 6” along the Coast, to as much as 16” in East County. Extremely hazardous road conditions remain everywhere. Road crews are continuing to plow all highways and major streets.

Grays Harbor County Emergency Management is urging all citizens to STAY OFF THE ROADWAYS.

Please do not call 911 unless you have an emergency. For the most updated information, please monitor your local television and radio stations or follow Grays Harbor County Emergency Management at their website. You can also call (360) 249-3911 x 290 for more information.


WednesdayHeavy Snow in the County ending in the early afternoon. Very breezy conditions will continue to impact all areas through the evening hours. Snow showers mixed with rain will fall in all areas through the night.

Thursday and Friday –  All areas will experience freezing of roadways in the evening and early morning hours. Driving conditions will be as hazardous as they are today. 1-3” of possible additional snow expected. There is an increased possibility of small stream and river flooding.

Friday and Saturday –  Rain will fall in all areas as temperatures warm. The rainfall will be heavy and the likelihood of small stream flooding and ponding of water on roadways could become issues.

Please be sure to check on your neighbors and be mindful of your pets and livestock.

Grays Harbor County Emergency Management is urging all citizens to prepare for this severe weather event. If you don’t need to be out on the road, please stay home and allow road crews time to clear roadways. If you must travel, GO SLOW and beware of icing conditions. Visibility will be reduced during any snowfall event. This weather event could trigger local power outages. DO NOT USE FUEL POWERED GENERATORS OR HEATERS INDOORS, NEAR WINDOWS OR DOORS. Carbon monoxide poisoning is deadly and can strike suddenly and without warning. Physical symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning may include splitting headache, nausea, vomiting, lethargy and fatigue. If you or a family member believes that they could be experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning, get out of the property and call 911 immediately from a neighbor’s home.