Montesano Volunteers Donate Funds

MONTESANO, Wash. – A volunteer fire department will donate $13-thousand to match a FEMA grant awarded to the Montesano Fire Department for $258-thousand. “This donation should help ease the financial burden of the city and it’s citizens during these trying times.” Volunteer Firefighter’s Association President Scott Busz (Boos) explained to the city council last night the matching funds are donated in honor of George Stone, “who faithfully served this community for years, the sacrifices that George and his family made to ensure the safety of this community should never be forgotten.”
Montesano Fire Chief Cory Rux wrote the grant request, he tells KBKW “The FEMA grant will provide us with Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, which is essentially the lifeline for our firefighters on the ground.” Rux said the grant will double the number of breathing apparatus at the station, and replace 15 year old safety gear.
The Montesano Volunteer Fire Department is a non-profit organization.