State DNR launches ‘Ear to the Ground’ blog

Array of new tools for public to access

New tools now available on include:

  • Ear to the Ground – to feature brief, timely articles about the agency and the lands and resources it manages as told through the many voices of DNR’s staff, its specialists, and notes from Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark.
  • Twitter – to provide timely updates about wildfires, burn bans, air quality alerts, emergencies (such as earthquakes and landslides), recreation site openings and closures and other agency news.
  • Flickr – to share photos of state trust lands and conservation areas in searchable categories for the public and media to view and download.
  • Facebook – a place for the public to get information about environmental education or recreation on state trust lands as well as find opportunities to volunteer on recreation sites, trails, and other outdoor activities on DNR-managed state lands.
  • MySpace – a site DNR is using solely for Environmental Education, specifically, high school Senior Culminating Projects.
  • YouTube – to show the public what DNR does through videos and other multimedia.