Aberdeen School Adopts Levy Proposal

ABERDEEN, Wash. – The Aberdeen School District adopted a no increase levy proposal for 2013 and 2014, School Superintendent Tom Opstad said after this week’s board meeting “What the board looked at was with the reduction by refinancing the bonds, they just increased the levy amount by about $65-thousand.” Opstad said he is still concerned that the state may reduce Levy Equalization, or cut it all together when law makers return to Olympia for the 2012 legislative session in January. “It would be devastating and almost unimaginable on how to cut $2.5-million. If they do they tiered model and we have to reduce $620-thousand, that would be a pretty big chuck.”
Board members voted unanimously to adopt the resolution asking voters to renew the Maintenance and Operations levy for collection in 2013, and 2014.