Grays Harbor PUD Adopts 2012 Budget

The Operations and Maintenance Budget for 2012 totals $107.5 million with more than 65% going to fund power supply. The PUD’s Capital budget totals about $8.48 million and focuses on investments in electric system reliability, with much of the funding going to update and replace deteriorating equipment.  In addition, the 2012 Capital budget includes funding for three substation projects:


    • Completion of a new substation on Powell Road in the northern part of the county which will improve reliability for customers in the northern part of the PUD’s service area ($200,000)


      • Upgrades to the substation located on State Street in Aberdeen which will improve reliability and power quality in the downtown Aberdeen area ($350.000)

      Engineering design work for a new substation to replace the existing substation in Central Park to increase accessibility and update aging equipment ($250,000)

      The budget is based on retail revenue projections for the coming year that show improvement over 2011, with one of the main impacts being the welcome return of the Cosmo Specialty Fiber pulp mill as a large industrial customer. In addition, other loads have been added, and the PUD anticipates these loads will continue in 2012. The budget also anticipates continued stagnation of secondary power markets where the PUD sells surplus power.