Ecology Invites Photos of King Tides

Dates vary slightly depending on location. Along Washington’s outer coast, king tides will occur Dec. 21-26, 2011, and Jan. 19-24, 2012. In the Strait of Juan de Fuca, they occur Dec. 21-25, 2011, and Jan. 18-22, 2012. The Puget Sound dates for king tides are Dec. 27-29, 2011, and Jan. 13-17, 2012.

 Follow these steps to participate:
* Use Ecology’s king tide map and schedule to find when and where the highest tides will occur. Go to
* Locate a public beach by checking out Ecology’s Coastal Atlas at * Take photos during a king tide, preferably where the high water levels can be gauged against familiar landmarks such as sea walls, jetties, bridge supports or buildings.
* Note the date, time and location of your photo – then upload your images on the Washington King Tide Photo Initiative Flickr Group at[email protected]/.
During winter 2010-11, Ecology collected more than 250 king tide photos. ### Media Contacts: Curt Hart, 360-407-6990; cell, 360-480-7908 ([email protected]) Linda Kent, 360-407-6239; cell, 360-791-9830 ([email protected])
King Tides in Washington:
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Washington King Tides Photo Initiative Flickr page:[email protected]/
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