County Levy Shift Continues to Take Heat

COSMOPOLIS, Wash. – The Cosmopolis City Council last night passed a resolution of protest against a levy-shift at the county earlier this week “Why should the cities pay for county services that don’t take place in our [city], and pay more for those services while people in the rural parts of the county [will see] property taxes go down.” Cosi Mayor Vickie Raines also commended the city of Elma for adopting a similar resolution criticizing the county’s budgeting practices.
The creative accounting move termed a levy shift increases the General Fund property tax by $750-thousand, and decreases the road fund by the same amount. However, the Road Fund is collected only in the unincorporated areas. Thus, the increase in the General Fund property tax levy is being borne by city property owners, while county residents could actually see a tax cut.


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