Impact to Grays Harbor’s Developmentaly Disabled The Topic of Forum

ABERDEEN, Wash. – The ARC of Grays Harbor held a forum this week at Aberdeen High School to go over some of the impacts to local services for developmentally disabled if proposed budget cuts make it out of Olympia “Right now, %48 in Grays Harbor would loose services with what they’re projecting.” Laurie Schindler with Morningside said residential, employment, and medical  support is on the line.
Nick Ibabo, Operations Manager at The Warm Company was there for Marlene “She’s been employed at The Warm Company for 11 years, she’s 64 years old and lived 34 years past her expectancy with downs syndrome. Our main concern for Marlene is what’s going to happen, if everything gets cut.” Ibabo said his company is now looking at how they can provide benefits that fill the state gap, without disqualifying Marlene for her Federal benefits.
Executive Director of ARC, Todd Faulkner urged everyone to write an email or make a call to your legislator and let them know how losing a service or program will effect you and/or your family’s life.