Mason County Search and Rescue Seeks Volunteers

  • Ø Base Camp – Members conduct food service functions, logistical support and various other base camp duties. This opportunity is great for those that want to participate but can not or do not choose to work in the field.
  • Ø  Explorer Search and Rescue – This unit primarily used for ground search. Members range from 14 years of age up. The unit conducts field operations in the brush, usually on foot.
  • Ø  Mobile – This unit consists of specialists that conduct road searches and assist in transporting other units.
  • Ø  Dive Team – This unit conducts underwater and swift water search, rescue and recovery operations.
  • Ø  ATV – This unit conducts Search and Rescue operations from all terrain vehicles. Some members are crossovers from other units.
  • Ø  Horse SAR – We are seeking interested individuals who want to help create and operate a horse mounted Search and Rescue Unit