Rumblings to Downsize City Government Continue

HOQUIAM, Wash. – Budgeting concerns from the state to the city level have fuelled debate over the cost of every taxpayer service lately. Council downsizing has been discussed by outgoing members of both Aberdeen and Hoquiam’s city council. “There are bigger fish to fry as far as saving money,” Hoquiam Mayor Jack Durney said councilmembers make $250 a month
“I think the people need to look at the county and state level. This is a big deal, what they’re all talking about, because we’re on the bottom of the food chain but we provide more service for our people than any level of government I think.”
The topic was again brought up by councilman Byron Hyde at Hoquiam’s city council meeting this week. Aberdeen councilman Paul Fritz said he plans to start an initiative next year to reduce Aberdeen’s council to 7 as well.