State Grants to Fund Twin-City Road Repairs

The City of Aberdeen and Hoquiam have received a combined $712,688 from the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board to repair and enhance city streets through the Expanded Preservation Program.


Specifically, Aberdeen will be receiving $307,150 for improvements on State Street while Hoquiam has been allocated $227,638 to repair 16th Street from Riverside to Broadway. 


Working together, the two cities have also received $177,900 to widen, repair and enhance Myrtle Street from Cherry to Port Industrial Road.  The Myrtle Street Project was a joint application submitted by Mayor Bill Simpson and Mayor Jack Durney back in August.  Aberdeen will function as the lead agency for the project by providing project engineering and management.  The cities will work together on traffic control, construction of new ADA ramps, new sidewalk, and utility adjustments. 


“While the cities and citizens often jest about the Myrtle Street divide, this project is a prime example of teamwork and combining resources during tough economic times,” said Mayor Jack Durney. 


Mayor Bill Simpson added that, “It is always a pleasure to work with our neighbors. It is very important especially in the economics of the World.”


Aberdeen and Hoquiam are great partners working together to improve our community.  Both cities have been struggling with adequate funding to improve our roads and these grants will make a significant positive impact.