Thousands Demonstrate Peacfully, 4 Arrested Monday at Capitol

The first arrest was made as a small sub-group disrupted a hearing by the Ways and Means Committee in the Cherberg building. 32-year old Jesse D. Hagopian of Seattle was arrested for disorderly conduct and booked into the Thurston County Jail.
As the Capitol building was being closed for the day, a group of troopers was rushed by demonstrators. Troopers who could not retreat used a TASER on three individuals to move them back. No arrests were made in that incident. The trooper removed the cartridge containing barbs from his TASER and momentarily touched the unit’s contacts to three people. This provides a short duration shock, not the full five seconds associated with a normal TASER deployment.
In a similar incident a few minutes later at another location, a State Patrol Sergeant received a bite wound to his arm, and an employee of the Department of Enterprise Services received a rib injury. Both were treated by medics from the Olympia Fire Department and returned to duty.

Arrested in that incident were:
· A male whose identity has not yet been verified for obstructing officers, resisting arrest, felony assault.
· 26-year old old Kellen Linnell of Lynnwood for felony assault, failure to disperse, obstructing officers and resisting arrest.
· 24-year old Zachary Payment of Graham for both misdemeanor and felony assault, failure to disperse, obstructing officers and resisting arrest.

All three were arrested for investigation of felony assault on troopers and failure to disperse.
Later, 30 people were issued trespass warnings after refusing a lawful order to disperse. The Capitol building routinely closes at 5:30 p.m. Three orders to disperse were provided before troopers carried them out.