Hoquiam Farmers Market News : Thanksgiving Edition

Any aspiring chefs in the audience?

I was contacted today by a representative of the Fox Food Network MasterChef series!  Evidently they figure that those of us at local Farmers Markets are in contact with the best cooks in the area, and they are right.
On December 3rd the search for the next Masterchef will come to Seattle.  Casting Call will begin at 10 am, and the producer offered me front of the line passes if I can find someone who wants to go.  Front of the line is a really, really good deal.
Contact me for further direct information about the event.  All it takes is bringing your very best home cooked dish to the casting call. 

I couldn’t help reminiscing as I prepare for Thanksgiving.  I no longer have relatives close by to share this holiday with, but how I love the memories!