Grays Harbor County EMS Update

The National Weather Service Forecast Office in Seattle has issued the following information:


The High Wind Warning has been cancelled. Wind gusts reached 60mph in some areas along the coast. Only a few power outages have been reported.


At this time, A High Surf Advisory is in effect for the Coast and a Flood Watch is in effect for all of Grays Harbor County.


A Flood Watch means that conditions are favorable for flooding but flooding is not imminent or occurring.


All rivers in Western Washington are expected to rise from the continued rainfall this weekend. Flooding may become an issue on many rivers and streams. At this time, no rivers in Grays Harbor County are predicted to reach flood stage. Rain will continue into the holiday weekend and conditions can change quickly. Any flooding that does occur is expected to be minor.

Grays Harbor County Emergency Management is urging residents in flood prone areas to prepare for possible flooding on all rivers in the County. Please monitor your television and radio for information about the approaching storm. Grays Harbor County Emergency Management will be in direct contact with the National Weather Service to provide any alerting to our citizens as conditions change.

Please be alert along the beaches, near the harbor, rocks and jetties. Surf is expected to reach 20 feet and can toss debris, logs and branches onto rocks and jetties. DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK TO THE SEA. Waves will travel far up beaches. Rip currents and rogue waves are common during high surf conditions and can easily sweep a person out to sea.