iPads in Aberdeen Schools Could Lighten The Load

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Backpacks leaving Aberdeen Schools could get a lot lighter in the coming years, School Superintendent Tom Opstad said, with the district preparing to launch a one-to-one iPad program “One of the things that we are looking at is the idea of putting books on an iPad. Instead of [printing] a 123 page pdf, it’s real easy to put it on [the iPad].”
Opstad explained to school board members this week, instructional materials on an iPad would be more up to date, and lighter “Four of those book, in eighth grade, and it’s not only heavy but a foot thick.”

Even though there didn’t appear to be any skeptics at this week’s school board meeting, Opstad demonstrated “I highlighted the word skepticism, it tells me that skepticism is a skeptical attitude. Instantly you can look something up in the body of a text, it’s pretty impressive.”
Miller Junior High plans to have an iPad for every student by February. They just might have some student-tutors coming in next near as well, Stevens Elementary sixth graders aer using iPads now, as part of their STEM program.