Teach In at Grays Harbor College Today

Teach-in 2011

To: Grays Harbor College Students
From: Greg Taylor, President – Associated Students of Grays Harbor College
Regarding: Grays Harbor College & Community Teach-In
Subject: Impending Budget Issues and Their Effect on Our Campus, Community, and Culture

                We are formally requesting your support in the first Grays Harbor College Teach-In to help raise awareness about what is happening to our campus and our community right now. As many of you know, or are about to learn, budget issue in the State of Washington is dire. Sadly, many of our students and members of our community are vastly uninformed about what is likely to happen. It is crucial in times of strife for citizens to stand up and demand the support and respect that we all deserve. To begin the process of educating our students and community, the Associated Students of Grays Harbor College is organizing the first Teach-In in recent Grays Harbor College’s history. This event will be held in conjunction with similar events occurring at several other colleges across the state on November 16, 2011, beginning at 10 AM in the HUB.

A Teach-In, by definition, is an act of social disobedience. It is similar to a walk out, except that we all meet with our faculty and community experts in one place to discuss the issues at hand. We are formally asking you, on this day, to not attend your regular classes and join us in the HUB so that we may discuss and educate you and your peers about the budget issues. We understand that there may be some repercussions for you if you make the choice to attend the Teach-In. If you speak with your professors we believe you will find them to be quite receptive and understanding regarding this event. We also encourage you to ask your teachers to attend with you. These issues affect them as much as they affect us. Even if you are unable to attend the entire event, please show us your support during any hours you are available.

Our goal is to educate our students and members of this community as to:

  • Exactly what the impending budget issues in the State of Washington mean to us.
  • How severe budget cuts to the higher education system are going to leave an irreversible mark on our community.
  • Why having, or having the option to receive, a college education is vital to the success of our region.
  • How earning a college degree can change the life of a person forever.
  • Why it is crucial for a person to be well educated in general.
  • The psychological and socio-economic impact of being able to seek higher education.
  • How we can take action to protect ourselves, our families, our friends, and our communities.
  • Our goal is to develop a plan of action for our community to both increase awareness of what is happening and to begin effecting change at a governmental level.

   We implore you to support our efforts for the sake of our community. On November 16, 2011, at 10  AM throughout the remainder of the day, please join us in the HUB so that we may send a message that will ring loud and clear to those who represent us. Spend your time with us, discussing the issues at hand. Without you, the student body of Grays Harbor College, this effort will surely fail.