Federal DEA Weighs In On State Marijuana Laws And Use

SEATTLE, Wash. – The Federal Drug Enforcement Administration has released a statement on Washington’s smoke-filled medical marijuana laws, and those that exploit  the state law to cultivate, sell, or distribute marijuana. Special Agent in Charge Matthew Barnes tells us “It has never been our policy to target individuals with serious illness. However, there are those operating commercial storefronts cultivating, selling or distributing marijuana under the guise of state medical marijuana laws and exploiting such activities to satisfy their own personal greed. The DEA remains committed to the enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) in all states.”

Barnes did not specify how the DEA would judge the difference between the two, but said to clear any confusion on the state-versus-federal law arguments surrounding recreational marijuana use “The coordinated enforcement actions of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and our state and local law enforcement partners involve violations of both federal and state law.”

In a statement released this evening, Barnes said “The DEA will exercise its investigative authority to pursue criminal actions for any violation of federal law, when warranted.  This includes investigating organizations or individuals that grow, manufacture or distribute any illegal drug to include marijuana, and those who rent or maintain a property to facilitate drug trafficking.”