November Storm is Chance to Test New Doppler

MONTESANO, Wash. – The National Weather Service in Seattle is forecasting a typical November storm for the Pacific Northwest to approach the coast tomorrow. Winds will increase Wednesday to 25-35 MPH sustained with intermittent gusts approaching 42-45MPH. The storm will last all night and begin to subside on Thursday. Please be prepared for possible power outages throughout the County.


Following the storm, temperatures will become colder from Thursday through the weekend.  The evening hours will see temperatures fall into the upper 20’s in many parts of the county. Snow levels will be dropping and the possibility of spotty snow showers are a possibility throughout the County, but mainly in East County and upper elevations above 200 feet on Friday evening and Saturday.   

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*** If you see any snowfall accumulation or large heavy snow showers, please indicate the time, location, how long the snow lasted and the amount that fell. Send the information to Grays Harbor County Emergency Management at [email protected]. This information will be compared to the Doppler radar information. This will help to calibrate the radar to the many different weather issues of Grays Harbor County. ***


The forecast of light rain and nighttime below freezing temperatures, leads to the possibility of Black Ice on all roadways during the evening and early morning hours. Grays Harbor County Emergency Management is recommending that all drivers use extreme caution during night and early morning driving. Wet road conditions can change rapidly and become very dangerous while driving.