City of Hoquiam Receives “Excellence in Downtown Revitalization” Award

Architects from the firm Street Lundgren and Foster used the original construction documents as their guide. The original wood floor in the ticket office along with the wood detailing around windows, door jambs, and casings throughout the building were restored. The exterior received touch-up plaster and a fresh coat of paint. The dormer ends and gables were refinished. To accommodate the building's future tenant, the Department of Licensing, new partition walls were designed to complement the historic details and mask standard office furniture. The total cost of the renovation was $1.5 million, mostly covered through Federal Transportation Enhancement grants along with gifts from the Weyerhaeuser Foundation and the Cheney Foundation. 

Today, the train depot again functions as a major attraction at the entrance to downtown Hoquiam, bringing more than 2,500 visitors per month to the Department of Licensing office. The depot success story has also served as a catalyst to help revitalize the downtown core. Developers have purchased two vacant, historic structures to renovate and house a hotel, restaurant, spa, retail shops, and other downtown tenants.

"The City of Hoquiam strongly believes that preservation and revitalization of the downtown core is vital to our continued existence, our community identity, and our future green economy," said City Planner Alissa Thurman.

The Downtown Revitalization Training Institute and the "Excellence in Downtown Revitalization" awards are organized by CTED. CTED is the lead state agency charged with enhancing and promoting sustainable community and economic vitality in Washington. For more information, visit