Flood Authority Chair May Float Her Own Seat

COSMOPOLIS, Wash. – Chairwoman of the Chehalis Basin Flood Authority, and Mayor of Cosmopolis, Vickie Raines is in an interesting position going into November as Montesano’s representative on the Flood Authority. With a contested race for Montesano mayor, and at least one candidate stating that he would take the reins from Raines if elected, in an exclusive interview Raines tells KBKW “If he was elected mayor, he would be taking that spot on the Flood authority, which is great I think there needs to be some involvement there. I would say that in the last 5 or 6 months of my tenure there we have accomplished a lot.”
Raines may soon get her own seat at the table, city council last night authorized the Mayor to pursue the addition of Cosmopolis to the Flood Authority, Raines said Napavine recently made the same request. Last month, the Flood Authority invited Quinault Indian Nation to the table as well.