Cosmopolis Talks Sight and Smell

COSMOPOLIS, Wash. – It might not be just the mill turning up noses in Cosmopolis, after three possible sources were discussed during the council’s closing public comment period last night, Cosmopolis Mayor Vickie Raines said “It’s become very apparent by the previous comments in the meeting; while we are looking nice, we are not necessarily smelling very nice.”
Nearing completion on the city’s downtown corridor improvement project, Raines said the city has received letters praising them on the work done so far.
City staff last night took comment on odors from not only the mill, but also a large chip pile on private property, and h2s gas from a sewer vent near Mill Creek Park. Raines said after a previous visit to our radio stations she received a letter from Bob Buchan with Cosmo Specialty Fibers documenting various efforts they are undertaking to address the odor issue.