Court of Appeals Rules in Favor of Spradlin Rock

HOQUIAM, Wash. – Spradlin Rock has won it’s day in court at District 2 court of appeals in Tacoma today. Judge Marywave Van Deren upheld Grays Harbor County Superior Court’s partial summary judgment order and a subsequent jury award in excess of $4 million in favor of Spradlin Rock. Tim Spradlin said after 4 years in court, it will be nice to get back to business, the PUD has 30 days to make a decision on the ruling. A press release from the Grays Harbor PUD stated “We are extremely disappointed in the decision. It is unfortunate that we will be unable to share with a jury information about the rates charged by Spradlin Rock during the 2007 storm recovery effort which was critical to our case. We are still reviewing the decision by the court and cannot speak to specifics of the decision yet.” To date, the PUD says they have paid over $2 million for the work Spradlin Rock conducted in the wake of the 2007 storm.