Mason County Sheriff Applies For Grants

If awarded, these grants would be used to reinstate staff laid off on December 31, 2008, and to offset anticipated future cuts in staff so that badly needed existing programs could be maintained.

Sheriff's Officials received conformation just yesterday from the Washington Association of Sheriff's and Police Chiefs (WASPC) that the 2008-2009 Registered Sex Offender Address and Residency Verification Program has been extended two more years. Between June 30, 2008 and July 1, 2009, Mason County received a grant in the amount of $91,814.65 to physically verify addresses provided to law enforcement by registered sex offenders.  The purpose of this grant is to assist smaller jurisdictions in monitoring registered sex offenders by having sheriff's deputies physically verifying their addresses as often as quarterly depending on the level assigned to the offender. 

The grant is provided by the State of Washington and administered by WASPC.  Funding amounts for the next two years starts on July 1, 2009, and will increase because the number of registered sex offenders in the county has increased. Presently Mason County has 120 level I sex offenders, 63 level II offenders, and 44 level III offenders.  Level III offenders are the ones considered most likely to re-offend.  Mason County currently has 11 registered sex offenders incarcerated and 5 are considered missing with warrants issued for their arrest. 

Sheriff Casey Salisbury said "Our Office is doing everything possible to maintain the highest level of public safety in the county.   Regardless of funding levels our office remains committed to providing our citizens with the most value for their tax dollars."