Hoquiam Police Seek Assistance in Strong Arm Robbery Incident

The victim told officers that Jessie grabbed hold of his jacket and threw him to the ground and kicked him several times in the leg.  While the victim was on the ground the suspect pulled the 100 dollar bill from his hand and ran southbound toward Aberdeen Avenue.

During the incident the suspect did not say anything to the victim.  The victim stated that he believes he knows the suspect only from attending Hoquiam high school with him.  He described Jessie as being about 16 years old, 5'9-6' tall and wearing a blue shirt, with the word "Famous" on the front of it, blue jeans and skate shoes.

There were several witnesses to the incident and the victim was not injured during the assault.  At this time suspect "Jessie" has not yet been identified.  The victim did not know if Jessie still attends Hoquiam high.  Anyone who may have any information as to the identity of Jessie is asked to call Detective Shane Krohn at 532-0892 Ext. 109.