New Law Expands Habitat Open Space Program

A special work group of public, private, environmental and forestry interests appointed by the Washington State Forest Practices Board endorsed this legislation as a measure that will allow a way for non-federal lands in Washington to make strategic contributions to spotted owl conservation.

The work group wants to thank the legislature for unanimously endorsing this incentive to protect critical habitat for threatened and endangered species.  Also the group acknowledges the leadership of Senator Bob Morton of Kettle Falls and Representative Kevin Van De Wege from the Olympic Peninsula for sponsoring the bill. 

"This collaborative effort is an example of positive steps that can be taken when we all work together," said Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark.

Shawn Cantrell, Executive Director for Seattle Audubon said, "This provides a valuable tool for protecting Northern Spotted Owls.  Conservation easements can help on private forestlands with habitat for endangered species."

Mark Doumit, Executive Director of the Washington Forest Protection Association stated, "This is landmark legislation. It creates an incentive for private landowners to enhance survival of an endangered species on their land."

Robert Meier, Manager for Rayonier said, "This bill recognizes the value of wildlife habitat and private property in a way that brings people together to protect the environment."

Dave Whipple, Forest Policy Coordinator, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife stated, "The Department believes incentives for forest landowners are very important, so the presence of threatened and endangered species can be an asset, not a liability."

Miguel Perez-Gibson, Representative for National Audubon said, "During these tough economic times, we are encouraged the legislature increased safeguards for endangered species.  This legislation is a good example of the market-based solutions we need."

The Forest Practices Board Policy Working Group will make progress reports to the Forest Practices Board throughout the year. The group is scheduled to complete its work by November 2009.

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