Minimalist Approach for Greater Grays Harbor Inc.

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Greater Grays Harbor will be starting with much less. Retiring Chamber of Commerce President Leroy Tipton told the Cosmopolis City Council this week “We have to find ways to be more efficient, we have about 52 board members from the Chamber and EDC, the new bylaws say we’ll have 15.”
Cosmopolis Mayor Vickie Raines is on the Transition board, she said the board of Greater Grays Harbor Inc. will consist of 5 elected officials, and 10 appointed members, however none can be selected until we know who’s elected “It’s also an election year, and there are many mayors who have contested races, so it will be after the election that we will determine who will represent.”
The Chamber and EDC are hosting a business forum at noon on the 27th at the Port of Grays Harbor Meeting Room to discuss the merger and transition plan.