Budweiser Ad Pull Was Legal, Not Political

HOQUIAM, Wash. – Legalities, not politics, prompted the removal of a Budweiser logo from the controversial Osama Bin Loggin t-shirt recently. General Manager of Olympic Eagle Distributing Dana Larson tells us “We’ve always used the Budweiser name, and we’ve always stayed under the radar. This year’s shirt made the national news, the brewery didn’t give permission for us to use the logo on the shirt [so] we can’t do it.”
Larson said Olympic Eagle Distributing plans to continue to support the event, as they have done for over 25 years “the only change is going to be next year you’ll see [our] logo on the shirt, not Budweiser.”
Larson said he hopes the controversy over the t-shirt doesn’t dissuade any sponsors from continuing to support the Hoquiam Loggers’ Playday.