Layoffs Possible For Grays Harbor County Departments

MONTESANO, Wash. – Layoffs or Furloughs could be coming to Grays Harbor County next year. The Commissioners decided yesterday to request another %4 in budget cuts going into 2012. Commissioner Terry Willis said “That will be a total of 7% cuts since July first of 2011.” Willis said the county has already spent %100 of it’s levied money for this year “plus some money that was in the reserve, and actually drew the reserve down.”
Willis said an increase of %4 would allow the county to build it’s reserve back up in 2012 “What we hope will happen is we’ll actually increase the reserver by 1 million dollars.”
Grays Harbor County Sheriff Mike Wheelan said on Friday “Are we looking at layoffs? It just depends on where they set my budget for 2012.” The Sheriff’s Department was already granted an extension to find the initial %3 to cut.