Sheriff’s Department Continues Budget Negotiations With County

MONTESANO, Wash. – Budgeting woes continue for the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department, Sheriff Mike Wheelan tells us after funding wage increases for his deputies “I started the year at the Sheriff’s office, in the hole by $178,000.” Wheelan said his department is still negotiating with the County on requested budget cuts, however “my position is; I’ve already given %3 because [the county] didn’t fund the deputy sheriff’s wages.”
Sheriff’s Deputies are asking Wheelan if they’ll have a job next year because they’re looking at other job opportunities.
Wheelan said cuts in his department quickly become cuts in law enforcement services “there are some crimes that we won’t investigate, there are some crimes where we won’t send a Deputy Sheriff’s out, and is that providing law enforcement services? In my opinion no.”
The Sheriff’s Department was granted an extension on turning in this year’s budget in order to find the requested %3 cuts.