Recent Budget Cuts Affect Sheriff’s Animal Control Services

Mason County revenue projections for 2009 are down significantly.  This fact necessitated the Sheriff lay off three civilian employees including one animal control position and one road deputy as of January 1, 2009.

In April of this year the Sheriff was advised by the Board of County Commissioners that an additional $382,111 would need to be trimmed from the Sheriff's 2009 budget.  The effects of those cuts are not yet clear.  The Sheriff has been advised that more budget cuts may be necessary as the year proceeds on.

In 2008, two Animal Control Officers responded to 1414 calls for service.  Out of those calls for service, the issue was resolved without further action in 479 cases, 12 citations were issued, one physical arrest was made, and 191 warnings were issued.  These numbers represent a decrease in activity from the 2007 totals where Animal Control Officers responded to 1545 calls for service.