“Go Outside and Play!” It’s Great Outdoors Week in WA

Washington motorists now pay from $10 a day to $35 a year for a “Discover Pass,” for vehicle access to state parks and recreation sites. It’s how the Legislature decided to fund management of these areas during the budget crisis. Krueger thinks it’s encouraging that most feedback about the pass has been positive.

“I think the support that representatives received for passing the Discover Pass was kind-of a clear message that people in Washington really care about their public lands. They care about recreation, and it’s a priority.”

The Washington Wilderness Coalition says outdoor recreation is an almost $12 billion business in the state and supports an estimated 115,000 jobs.

As an antidote to a weekend of chores or back-to-school shopping, getting outside might be just the prescription. Krueger says once you spend time outdoors, you might even make it part of your routine.

“I’ve always needed some time outside every once in a while, to kind of get grounded, think about what’s important in life. And there’s some great opportunities to spend quality time with your family.”

Washington’s Great Outdoors Week runs through Aug. 28. See the list of events at wawild.org.