Cosmopolis Council Mulls Redistricting

COSMOPOLIS, Wash. – Cosmopolis talked redistricting this week and as Mayor Vickie Raines described a recent analogy to her council “You have a water balloon, when you squish the water balloon in one area it’s going to get larger in another area, and that’s kind of what they have to do to make us all fit.”
One couldn’t help but wonder if Cosi, and Westport were opposite ends of the same water balloon. Westport Mayor Michael Bruce attended the Cosi Council meeting to discuss mutual interests; “My council has asked me to bring forth a resolution asking to stay contiguious with Cosmopolis and Grayland.”
The PUD, County and Port commissioners left a meeting earlier this month asking Auditor Vern Spatz to rework 3 proposed redistricting maps none of which sat well with Cosi or Westport.