Cosmopolis Says Mow Your Lawn

COSMOPOLIS, Wash. –  residents will need to double check the length of their grass soon with the passing of a new ordinance last night that can cost homeowners if their lawn gets longer than 8 inches; “I don’t like the 8 inch height, I think you’re going to have building officials out there with a measuring tape.” Mayor Vickie Raines voiced her opposition to wording in the new ordinance “there’s times when our own cemetery is higher than eight inches when we don’t have it mowed.”
Passed as written 3 to 2 last night, the new ordinance takes effect August 22nd. Offenders will have 2 weeks from receiving notice to fix their lawn, after which they can be fined up to $200 per day. If the lawns are not mowed in 30 days, the city may mow it themselves and put a lien on the home for the costs associated, business and city property were not included in the ordinance.